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Encounter Academy
A Christian International School located in Antigua, Guatemala serving families engaged in Christian ministry service 

What Sets Us Apart

- Encouraging students and families to cultivate a deep abiding relationship with Jesus Christ. 

- Emphasize on creating an emotionally health space for students to learn and families to connect. 

- Systematic teaching of relationship skills. 

- Promotion of a slower pace of life with spaciousness and healthy margins. 

- Individualized and flexible approach to education. 

- Focus on families in ministry service.

- Affordable Tuition Rates

- Low student-teacher ratio 

- English courses with Spanish integration and Spanish Language Arts

- Awana Program for Grades K-6

- Graduating students earn an accredited United States high school diploma and associates degree from Liberty University

Tuition Payments

Pathfinders: Pre-K to Grade 1

A beginning academic program for ages 4-6 designed to help students master basic skills of academics and socialization as they study, grow, and play together in a learning community.

Explorers: Upper Elementary

A program for Grades 4-6 covering academic foundations as they grow in maturity and skills while increasing their understanding of God and his world. 

Associates: Sr. High School

A three-year program for Grades 10-12 leading to an accredited US high school diploma, an Associates Degree from Liberty University, and hands on employment training and experience. 

Scouts: Early Elementary

An early elementary program for second and third grade students to study academic content from a Christian worldview while growing in executive functioning and relationship skills.

Adventurers: Jr. High School

A three-year program for students in Grades 7-9 to prepare for the Associates Program and continue to grow and mature and explore God's unique design for their lives.

Exceptional Education

Many students with special needs are able to find a learning community at Encounter Academy as we work with parents to create a plan that will support their child's unique needs. 

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