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Encounter Academy

Antigua, Guatemala

Bringing Christ-Centered Education to
Cross-Cultural Ministry Workers

The Academy uses a Build-a-Plan model which helps families to create an educational program that works!

Pick your Pieces...   Make a Plan...   Dive into a Fruitful Academic Year

Full-time packages provide students with the basics of a quality English education for ages 5-18. Part-time students elect to sign up for the courses, classes, and activities

that best fit in with their homeschooling schedule

A Schedule of Blocks

The academic day is divided into blocks. Some blocks are for traditional group classes and others are set aside for IEB or independent learning. 

Group classes and time for individualized education create a balanced learning experience each day.

Students attend classes according to age groups to practice and apply math skills, interact with literature, discover new information, learn to cook, sing, and craft, play educational games, and so much more!

Scouts (Ages 6-9)

Explorers (Ages 9-12)

Adventurers (Ages 12-15)

Senior High School Students (Ages 15-18)

During Individualized Education Blocks (IEB) students settle into the comfortable, quiet Study Zone to work on independent assignments with the support of teachers, study with a classmate, meet with a focus group, or receive one-on-one instruction.  


Study at the Academy when in town and complete independent coursework from home. Join in classes via video chat and participate in educational trips with the group! Boarding opportunities for HS students are also available starting at

$180 per month.

Flexible Curriculum

Enroll students in Encounter Academy courses and allow the Academy to take care of grading and reporting...


Choose your own curriculum and courses to work on during Individualized Education Blocks.

No matter the curriculum, teachers will be on hand to offer support to students, and group classes provide students with social learning experiences designed to supplement any course of study.

Homeschool students and students enrolled in local schools are invited to sign up for classes, come along on field trips, join in Community Days, and complete assignments in the Study Zone.

Pay for the blocks you attend!

75-minute block = $1

Activities & Services

Encounter Academy Activities add special experiences and support to your child's academic year. 

  • Learning Expedition Days

  • Community Days

  • High School Banquet

  • Internship Experience Courses

  • Travel Adventure Courses

  • California Achievement Testing (CAT)

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEP)


Admissions & Registration

The academic year runs from August to May and accepts new students each quarter. Encounter Academy is for families engaged in full-time Christian ministry service.


Please contact the Encounter Academy Coordinator at for more details.  

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