An opportunity for young adults (ages 16-25) to continue their education while serving in Guatemala    

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Hop on a plane and zoom down to Antigua, Guatemala! Bridge students gather together for a life changing year.

Awake each morning to the smell of fresh tortillas and the call of "Buenos Días." Hike a volcano. Take a dip in thermal pools. Boat through a jungle gorge to the mouth of the Caribbean. Meet the descendants of the ancient Mayas.

Experience first hand God's incredible story unfolding throughout the nations and peoples of the past and present.



Bridge students are enrolled at least half time in an education program of their choice. Students study online through a US based college or university, finish HS credits, attend Spanish language classes, or complete distance Bible college courses.

Coaching, support, and a structured study environment help students achieve their academic goals.

Workshops, Bible studies, worship, and personal devotions come alongside distance education to create a well-rounded learning experience.



Two days a week, students intern alongside missionaries. We seek to place students according to their interests while also cultivating a willingness to attempt new things and serve in whatever way is needed.

Teaching - Counseling - Medical Care - Secretarial Work - Feeding Centers - Hospitality - Children's Homes - Construction Projects - Accounting - Video Production - Web Design - Community Development


In Academic Skills... Strengthening the mind, increasing knowledge, growing in critical thinking, and expanding the student's ability to apply a Biblical worldview to all of life is at the heart of the Bridge experience.

In Career Readiness... Whether God's call is to a lifetime of foreign missionary service or to invest in the home country, Bridge provides students with exposure and experiences that build vocational preparedness.

In Christian Maturity... We desire Bridge students to deepen their understanding of God and His Word, learn how to be imitators of Jesus even in the most challenging circumstances, and enjoy close fellowship with the Father.


Bridge is an 11-month program.

Students may continue in the program for multiple years.

Next Program Dates

July 12, 2020 - June 9, 2021


The Bridge student's weekly schedule includes time for study, work, fellowship, exploration, Bible study, and prayer. 

Students are challenged through group classes, ministry projects, travel, and cross-cultural experiences.

Program Fee



Airfare to La Aurora International Airport, Guatemala


Tuition, Textbooks, & Supplies due to your chosen institute

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